Welcome to Spider !

Spider is a distributed system analyser and debugger.

It works like the spider that can find a bug in its web by listening to the small vibrations.

Ideal for microservices monitoring and debugging, it nevertheless works with any distributed and network integrated systems, self built or off the shelf products.

  1. Install it on your network and let it build a high level image of your distributed system!
  2. Discover anomalies and follow the links of your web to find the leaks!


  • Remotely driven host network capture or Pcap direct upload
  • Automatic higher level protocol analysis
  • Time zoom and replay from days to milliseconds
  • Ultra fast  and configurable statistical view of API endpoints usage
  • Self construct and editable network maps and sequence diagrams
  • Browse and analyse :
    • Network Hosts
    • HTTP communications
    • TCP sessions
    • Network packets
  • Full blown search with lots of helpers and filters
  • SAAS or on premise solution

Real use cases

  • Integration tests and debugging.
  • System discovery and understanding.
  • Post installation sanity checks.
  • Integration followup.
  • Access rights debugging through the global fanout of the requests.
  • Cluster misconfiguration visible in one glimpse.
  • Performance and parallel processing analysis.
  • Production performance analysis.
  • Third party client misbehaviours identification and tracking.
  • Third party client usage break identification between (integration) certification and prod.
  • Ultra fast troubleshooting of integration issues in production.
  • Hardware issue (disk full) detected as only one node had errors.
  • Concurrency issue identified on production and confirmed in 1 hour.
  • Microservices cluster monitoring.

100% dependency free

  • No specific hardware required
  • No software dependency (except libpcap/winpcap)
  • No langage dependency
  • No need to update / hack your system
  • Compatible with legacy and any off-the-shelf software

How do I use it?

  • Install spies on network nodes
  • Configure remotely what they capture
  • Forget about them and get to reporting

Technically? Like a sniffer, but new generation