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Latest Release Note

3 min read

This release note includes features:

  • that are already integrated in latest version,
  • that will be integrated in future release.

2024.07.17 Release Note

4 min read

May release comes with 1 major feature and some bug fixes:

  • Gossiper Go agent to replace Whisperer Node.js agents


7 min read

To reduce Whisperers resource usage, and to be able to introduce new features afterward, I wanted to migrate Whisperers from Node.js to a native language.
Trendy languages for this kind of work are Go and Rust.

Go being more used in Kubernetes ecosystem, and having a nice ecosystem, I decided to go for Go 馃槈!

2024.05.13 Release Note

4 min read

May release comes with 3 major features and many UX improvements:

  • Whisperer creation form
  • TCP payload UX improvements & decoder plugins
  • Timezone management

Timezone management

2 min read

With Spider being deployed in the US, and soon, in Australia, Spider needed a way to display communications times in the timezone of the capture rather than the user's one.

It is now possible:

  • User may define its default timezone
  • And Whisperers may each be associated to their own timezone

Selecting a Whisperer now automatically switch Spider UI to its own timezone! 馃挭

New plugin slot to decode TCP payloads

One min read

Spider introduces a new plugin slot to decode TCP payloads directly in the UI!
No need to download the payload in Wireshark anymore. You may directly decode any protocol, even your own, in Spider UI.

Create Whisperer Form

One min read

Initializing Whisperers was requiring to go in many tab at first:

  • Name the Whisperer in Status tab
  • Set its mode to INTERFACE or UPLOAD in Capture tab
  • Set if it should save Packets, Tcp Session, Http content etc.

To make things simpler, I added a short Create Whisperer Form to set the main settings of the Whisperer to create in a single space.

Data Storage Policies

3 min read

Ever wanted to keep some Whisperer data longer than others?
Spider introduces Data Storage Policies to achieve this 馃槏!