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Spider is a distributed system analyzer and debugger.

It is a distributed software that captures and analyses network exchanges of IT systems in order to represent them graphically to propose complete understanding and analysis of these exchanges.

Spider brings a new way to observe systems, new visualisations and powerful tools for Root Cause Analysis of errors.

Spider proposal

Spider propose to its users:

  • to save days previously lost analysing issues, whether they were functional, technical or performance problems,
  • to give to their support, integration and development teams a tool to understand how the system they are building is being used. How integrations between their services, between their teams are taking place.

How to use it?

  • Spider may be installed at customers premises, for easier cost management, or used in Saas for an immediate use with delegated administration.
  • Users configure and deploy their probes directly from the web application.
  • Then, automagically, their communications appear on the screen, the graphical map of their network is being built, errors appear and analysis may begin.

Who may use it?

Spider is designed for all companies that are using or building an IT system to support their business.

Ideal for microservices monitoring and debugging, it nevertheless works with any distributed and network integrated systems, self built or off the shelf products.


It works like the spider that hunt bugs in its web by listening to the small vibrations.
A new generation sniffer.