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Quick start

What is Spider

Spider is a distributed system analyzer and debugger.

It is a distributed software that captures and analyses network exchanges of IT systems in order to represent them graphically to propose complete understanding and analysis of these exchanges.

Spider goal, features and architecture are further described in What's Spider pages.

Objectives of this guide

This guide provides quick steps and tips to start using Spider UI for the first time.
It targets new users having just created an account and about to join a team to access captured data.

After reading this guide, you will be capable to use Spider to deep dive and analyse your data.

This guide includes:

To conclude, this guide gives tips on how to well use Spider depending on your user profile.

Further reading

Further reading may enhance your efficiency and give you new tricks and power:

  • Spider UI pages help you get the most out of any UI feature
  • Operating documentation explains to you how to:
    • Configure Whisperers and Controllers to capture more (or less) data
    • Administrate users and teams
  • Plugins pages are a must-read when you'll want to get deeper in integrating the UI with your business through Plugins
  • Open API pages helps you reuse the captured data and do analytics to integrate with your tools. Such as your alerting system and monitoring dashboards.