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Billing principle

Billing on infrastructure usage, not users or servers

Spider is billed based on the infrastructure resources used by the applicative cluster.

This billing mode allows invoicing based on usage, without any restriction on users accounts, observed systems or data volume. Usage may change whenever, the billing will be regulated on the following invoice.

CPU usage billing

Spider licence is invoiced based on the count of CPU cores, virtual or physical, used by Spider server components.

  • Whisperers CPU usage is not taken into account.
  • Elasticsearch store CPU usage is not taken into account.

Spider is collecting only the CPU usage of Spider services. Not the total CPU of the nodes. This allows sharing the infrastructure with other applications. Spider is used on multi applications Kubernetes clusters.

Pricing computation

Prepaid plan

  • A minimum prepaid plan is bought, based on the anticipated usage.
  • Usage is gathered every 20s, and the aggregated CPU usage is sent to Floocus central servers twice a day.
  • Every 6 months, any CPU usage above the prepaid plan is billed in a regulatory invoice.

Extra cores

CPU usage above the prepaid plan is billed 33% more for each extra core used. It is best to set the prepaid plan correctly than to pay extra!

Also, the prepaid plan of a licence is only working for ONE setup of Spider. If Spider is used in many setups for the same licence, the extra setups will have all their used cores priced at extra core rate rules.